About Bill Strawderman

About Bill Strawderman

I really like to write.
For me it’s a stone I left unturned for quite a while.
A path I longed to travel. And so I did.

I like to think of my writing and poetry as gifts.
For me, the gift of passionate expression.
For you, I hope – the gift of discovery and meaning.

I could say a lot more “about me” – but I’m more comfortable letting my work be a looking-glass. I hope you enjoy what you see.

One of the coolest things I’ve done professionally is to create and run a corporate blog. I believe in the power of ideas and individual expression, and the need for brands to become more interesting through both. I wrote a piece on leadership as an early contribution if you want to check it out: 6 Terrific Traits of a High Performing Team.  I also wrote a post that included some freehand drawing, and even a management parable.

You can learn more about my professional background through exploring my LinkedIn profile via the link below – or you can follow my musings on Twitter (@marketingbard).

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